8,000 drivers supported by TRISS – Scotland Transerv

8,000 drivers supported by TRISS

01 April

Working on behalf of Transport Scotland, Scotland TranServ’s TRISS teams have helped more than 8000 drivers, since the contract began in April last year, attending over 98% of incidents within 20 minutes.

Network Control Centre Manager, Tommy Docherty said:

“The tireless efforts of the TRISS and ISU teams often goes unappreciated by many motorists, sometimes they are mistaken for speed camera vans or works vans and do receive some abuse. The majority of drivers though are thankful that they are there to lend a hand and keep drivers safe if they get in trouble. On more than one occasion they’ve come to the aid of motorists in dire straits and we do receive some complementary letters and emails.”

For such a small team they seem to be ever present on our trunk roads network.

Russell Rennie, Scotland TranServ’s Contract Director added:

“The service provided by our TRISS and ISU teams is invaluable. They continually patrol the network to offer what assistance they can and to keep stranded motorists safe, using the highly visible vehicles and its electronic signage as a barrier to notify oncoming traffic. They have helped more than 8000 drivers in the last year alone. Sometimes they come in for abuse from drivers who don’t realise that they are just there to help. We’d encourage all motorists to give them a break and to help them in their job, to keep drivers safe and keep our trunk roads flowing.”