A77 Altimeg Scour Protection & Barrier Improvement Works – Scotland Transerv

A77 Altimeg Scour Protection & Barrier Improvement Works

Scotland TranServ, on behalf of Transport Scotland, will deliver an essential scour maintenance programme on the A77 at Altimeg, south of Auchencrosh.

Works will entail repairs to the structure where scouring has occurred including installation of rock armour and protection plinths along embankments where erosion has occurred from the Water of App. The southbound safety barrier will also be upgraded during the works. The project will help to protect the integrity of the trunk road and preserve the natural environment of the area.

Our workers, and those of our contractors, will follow strict physical distancing protocols as part of our steps to return safely to work, and deliver those essential maintenance schemes that have been identified as vital to maintaining the integrity and safety of the trunk road network.

Brian Laurie, Scotland TranServ’s Network Bridges Manager said:

“The health and safety of our workers and the travelling public is of paramount importance to Scotland TranServ. Many new working practices have been implemented across our own workforce and those of our contractors and suppliers as we work towards the future delivery of our Structural Maintenance and other programmes. Thorough risk assessments have been carried out as we take a lead in the delivery of trunk road maintenance.

“This stretch of the A77 trunk road is an important route connecting the Cairnryan ferry ports with Glasgow and the Central Belt. Currently it is an essential link for emergency services, freight, retail and delivery traffic as they go about their vital work.

“It is important that we continue our essential works in order to maintain road safety across South West Scotland. Traffic volumes currently remain low, in line with government advice and therefore any potential impact on the travelling public is still significantly reduced.

“On behalf of Transport Scotland, we would like to take this opportunity to thank drivers for making only essential journeys over the last few months, and for helping to protect the country’s key workers.”

In order to complete this programme as quickly and safely as possible, it will be necessary to install temporary traffic lights between Monday the 27th of July and Friday the 7th of August.

Drivers are advised to carefully plan ahead and to allow some additional time for their journeys. Special arrangements have been put in place for emergency service vehicles. No further arrangements have been made for windfarm traffic. Motorists can find live trunk road information by visiting trafficscotland.org or by following @trafficscotland on Twitter.