Maintaining Essential Services – Scotland Transerv

Maintaining Essential Services

The health and safety of drivers, our employees and those contractors working on our behalf is of greatest importance to Scotland TranServ. Due to the exceptional circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are working to government guidelines, however you will appreciate that because of the unprecedented nature of the situation, this guidance is continuously being updated. On behalf of Transport Scotland, we are therefore doing all that we can to adapt our working practices to guidelines as they are implemented.

Office-based employees, where possible, have been equipped to work from home. In agreement with Transport Scotland, we have suspended planned operations. Over the last few days our live site operations have been made safe. We will continue with essential services only, including but not exclusive to, Network Control Room, TRISS and ISU services, winter maintenance and maintenance works to ensure south west Scotland’s trunk road network is safe for motorists.

We are supporting national resilience efforts, focusing on those services critical to the support of emergency service workers, and the essential delivery of both food and medical supplies. Scotland TranServ appreciates your support during these challenging times, and we will endeavour to keep our customers updated as this situation continues to develop.