Nicolas’ Recipe for Success – Scotland Transerv

Nicolas’ Recipe for Success

When it comes to a future civil engineering career, Nicolas Fauvergue has the recipe for success.

The Scotland TranServ design engineer recently lifted the ICE Scotland’s prestigious Pitch 200 title, with his 200 second pitch video, demonstrating the different ingredients within a bitumen pavement in the format of a tasty chocolate dessert.

Nicolas’ mixture of chocolate sauce, nuts and almond powder was mixed into a sweet ‘roads’ mixture, explaining the basics of trunk road resurfacing to a hungry new audience.

Scooping the title, Nicolas said:

“I am delighted to have won the competition and enjoyed sharing what engineers do in a fun format! For this event, I took inspiration into what attracted me to engineering when I was younger and how it was presented to me at that time.

“Pitch 200 is a great example of how we can explain our works in a simple and fun way. Promoting engineering in a simple manner is the best way to explain it to the general public and attract talented young people in the industry.”

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