TranServ utilises innovative Semi-Automatic Excavator at Enterkinfoot – Scotland Transerv

TranServ utilises innovative Semi-Automatic Excavator at Enterkinfoot

With Scotland TranServ’s A76 Enterkinfoot Road Realignment team preparing to this weekend tie-in the new road to the old carriageway, much of the digging completed by an innovative excavator, fitted with Intelligent Machine Control (IMC).

The automatic real time digging control allows operators to upload the latest construction drawings to produce a ‘Topcon 3D Office’ or ‘TP3’ file, significantly reducing the risk of operator error. Previously, staking-out, surveying and final inspection works were carried out manually. However, the use of IMC technology reduces or eliminates the need for staff or operatives to be working around the machine, thus improving safety.

The IMC fitted excavator provides more accurate digging, with the machine completing the final grade automatically, in just one pass. This helps to improve the environmental performance by reducing fuel costs and emissions, while reducing additional labour requirements such as the need for a banksmen etc.

Scotland TranServ’s Principal Engineer, Charles Macklin is project lead on the A76 Enterkinfoot Road Realignment programme:

“Scotland TranServ treats the health and safety of its employees and contractors with the utmost importance. Any machinery that improves the safety of our work sites is worth looking at. The semi-auto excavator delivered not only an improved safety, but its operational performance also delivered on this challenging programme, with checks on the constructed works showing finished levels to an accuracy of plus or minus just 5mm.”

Tie-ins for the A76 Enterkinfoot Road Realignment Programme will be carried out between 7pm on Friday the 1st until 6am on Monday the 4th of November.