VRS Course for Client Engineers – Scotland Transerv

VRS Course for Client Engineers

Course Summary

A course for engineers and technicians who will be involved with the procurement and provision of vehicle restraint systems.

The course will review the terminology and requirements of BS EN 1317, the requirements in the Specification for Highway Works and TD 19/06. The course will not involve the use of the risk assessment process detailed in TD 19/06.

Delegates will be made aware of, (but not consider in detail), proprietary barrier systems from Tata Steel/Corus “Vetex” & “Corus Corrugated Beam” and Hill & Smith “Flexbeam” & “Brifen” systems. Also P4 end terminals including ABC, Euro ET, Euro BXT, Trend and Xtension, and crash cushions. There are demonstration systems installed at the training locations.
Please note: LANTRA will not issue a qualification card for VRS courses unless the candidate holds a current FISS/CSCS joint
scheme card.


This course will involve some outdoor activity to inspect safety fences and terminals. There will also be an open-book, multiple choice questionnaire at the end of the course.

A certificate will be issued to candidates who demonstrate competence

Course Objectives

On completion of the training, delegates should be aware of the following:

• The concept of Quality Assurance, the National Highways Sector scheme 2B and the certification of approved erectors
• The Highways Agency schedule of approved barrier systems
• The importance of erecting safety fence to instructions & specifications
• The implications of using proprietary safety barrier systems
• The need to identify & locate underground services
• The testing of posts for stability
• The need for traffic management (and the National Highways Sector Schemes for working on motorways and trunk roads)
• The need to excavate correct sized & shaped foundations
• The method of fixing cast-in & surface mounted posts
• The requirements for maintenance of fences

Delegates should also be able to:

• Understand the principles of safety fence design
• Understand the essential elements of BS EN 1317
• Apply the requirements in the Specification for Highways Works
• Interpret the Highways Agency specifications in TD19/06 and TD 27/05
• Recognise types of barriers and understand the limitation of use for each type
• Recognise types of terminals and understand the limitation of use for each type
• Understand the need for transitions
• Design simple layouts




3 Days

Max Number of Learners


Course Delivery

Classroom & Practical Work
Practical Work
Full PPE required, including waterproof clothing, safety boots, gloves and safety specs