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Our Approach

We continually strive for improvements within our business and pursue excellence through active leadership and the operation of an integrated Health and Safety, Quality and Environmental Management System. This approach includes establishing clear goals and responsibilities.

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The Improvement philosophy is well established and implemented by a dedicated team constantly developing our Health and Safety, Quality and Environmental Management systems.

We set high standards for ourselves and our supply chain and can demonstrate year-on-year improvements in our safety performance. Enforcement of the system is through a top-down regime of inspection and auditing.

We set challenging targets to reduce the environmental impact of our activities which contain sophisticated systems for assessing and benchmarking our progress.

Our environmental management team leads the company approach to sustainability and in particular initiatives aimed at increasing energy efficiency, integrating waste management, protecting flora and fauna and promoting recycling and the use of recycled materials.

We constantly monitor and measure our performance using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and benchmark internally between contracts and externally through forums such as the Highway Works Best Value Benchmarking Club. We also participate in a independent annual assessment of our contract based on the European Foundation of Quality Management (EFQM) principles.

Links to our Health Safety and Welfare, Quality, and Environmental Policies will be available here shortly.