Pushing the Button on Springholm Lights – Scotland Transerv

Pushing the Button on Springholm Lights


springholm bannerScotland TranServ, working on behalf of Transport Scotland pushed the button on the operational trial of Springholm’s new Reverse Speed Discrimination Signals on 11 December 2017.

The trunk road management company will check the effectiveness of the lights in managing vehicle speeds through the village for the foreseeable future.

Vincent Tait, Scotland TranServ’s Road Safety Manager said:

“Works were completed on site on Friday (1st December), with the signals being commissioned through the following week. We will run a trial into early 2018 in order to ensure that this innovative set of lights is operating as expected.

“This is a first for a major trunk road running through a village. The community has been extensively involved throughout the consultation and design of the project, providing valuable information which has helped us to develop this long-term solution.”

The traffic signals will be activated by digital signs which recognise the speed of vehicles approaching. If the vehicle is above the speed threshold, it will trigger the red signal. Whilst managing speed and driver behaviour through Springholm it complements the national award-winning A75 Vehicle Activated Signs.

The lights were installed through collaboration with expert contractors Dynniq and Swarco.