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Should you wish to record a comment on the quality of service you have received from Scotland TranServ, then please use the form below in order that we can record your observations and act on them appropriatly.

Alternatively you can call us (24/7) on: 0800 028 1414

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Complaints Process and Procedure

Our complaints handling procedure reflects our commitment to serving the trunk road user. It seeks to resolve issues at the point of service delivery, and, where necessary, to conduct thorough, impartial and fair investigation of complaints received. We want quicker, simpler and more streamlined handling of complaints, with local and early resolution by our capable and well trained staff. Complaints are a source of valuable information which we can use to improve customer satisfaction. Our procedure for handling complaints will enable us to address customer dissatisfaction and should prevent recurrence of the problems which led to the complaint. Complaints provide a first-hand account of the customers’ views and experience, and can highlight problems which we may otherwise miss. Handled well, complaints can give customers a form of redress when things go wrong, and can help us to continually improve our services.

  • Written complaints are logged within our correspondence register and passed to the relevant manager for a response/reply
  • Electronic complaints can be submitted through our ‘Talk to Us’ form
  • Telephone complaints will be answered by one of our team, regardless of the time of call as we operate on a 24/7 basis. The telephone number is within the ‘Contact Us’ page of our website
  • Complaints via social media channels: These are not formal channels of complaint and we would therefore ask complainants to either email or complete our ‘Talk to Us’ form

    Should your complaint be unresolved, then this will be escalated to the Operating Company Representative. If, following this procedure, the complaint is still not resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant it will be subject to a final review by the Chief Executive of Transport Scotland. If a complainant reaches the end of this process and still feels cause for complaint, they may approach the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman who may consider their complaint. We aim to treat members of the public in a timely and respectful manner and provide them with adequate information. In return, we do expect respect for our staff, and we will not tolerate unacceptable standards of behaviour such as violence or aggression towards our employees.