Mouchel Consulting

Mouchel  Consulting provides design, managerial, engineering and operational services which support communities around the world, round the clock.

We are an international infrastructure and business services group and we support communities every minute of the day. Take a look at your watch, day or night, and someone representing Mouchel, or something created or managed by Mouchel, will be helping to make life better for people across the world.

Whether it’s helping to manage and maintain a road network in Western Australia covering an area twice the size of the UK, coastal engineering and management services in Dominica, or highways,

marine works and major utility projects in the Middle East, Mouchel’s people are working to make things better for their clients and the societies they serve.

In the UK, Mouchel works with government agencies, local authorities and regulated industries to provide safe and reliable roads, effective and well-managed local education and civic infrastructure, clean water and cost-effective energy.

Whether we are reducing congestion on roads, helping to maintain the water supply or helping local authorities to operate more efficiently while improving their services to the public – we improve people’s lives 24 hours a day.

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